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Mesfin Industrial Engineering P.L.C (MIE) is the leading equipment manufacturing company in East Africa. It designs, manufactures and installs equipment and components.Partial View of mesfin Industrial Engineering

Mesfin Industrial Engineering PLC was established in 1993 as the engineering wing of    EFFORT (Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray), with a capital of 7 million. MIE currently is engaged in the manufacturing of liquid and dry cargo bodies, trailers, semi trailers, low beds and in the fabrication of fuel storage tanks and various equipments for the construction and energy sectors such as sugar plant, cement plant components, and hydro power elements.It is also engaged in electromechanical erection and installation works, which include erection of machinery and equipments of various industrial projects, civic buildings and fuel storage facilities. Having Grade I electromechanical works license and General Contractor certificate for civil works, MIE ALSO engages in turn key projects of industrial complex premises on a (120,000m2), which is fully equipped with the state of the art machinery.
MIE is the Leading Engineering Company in Ethiopia has got -ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate No, FM 512406 from BSI for the following scope:

1.Design, manufacture, supply and service of Low Bed/ High Bed Dry/ Liquid Trailers

2.Design, manufacture, supply and erection of Petroleum Liquid Reservoirs (including Electrical / Instrumentation System

3.Supply & Erection of HVAC(Heat & Ventilated Air Conditioner) systems

4.Manufacture and Supply of Steel Fabricated products for Industrial Application; and

5.Vehicle Equipment Maintenance and Renting.

6.Assembling of automotive vihicles and sonalika tracters


MIE designs,manufactures,assembles and installs equipment & components for the

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • manufacturing

A wide range of products is manufactured at its industrial complex (35,000M2 covered premised on a 120,000M2), which is fully equipped with the state of the art machinery. Throughout its span MIE has been playing a noble role for the last one and half decade on designed, manufactured and supplied of transportation, agricultural, energy, communication technology accessories and components & shown tremendous growth & expansion. Now MIE acquires a net asset exceeding birr 200 million.

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