Design and technology center

DTC is staffed with experienced engineers in various fields.The center has more than 50 mechanical, industrial, electrical engineers and employees designing and drafting software such as pro engineer, Ansis, Auto CAD, etc. It is equipped with high speed and latest computers.The center prepares designs of new products;continuously improves the designs of existing products.New product development is also carried out by the center.

Design and technology staff on thier duty


The design and technology center is staffed with experienced engineers in various fields. The center has more than 50 mechanical, industrial and electrical engineers and it employs design and drafting software like Pro Engineer, ANSIS, Auto-CAD, etc. The office prepares designs of new products and continuously improves the design of existing products. Further the department is reorganized according to the new organizational structure set up and the business opportunity identified nationally. The design teams are namely, Power plan design team, Automotive and Locomotive design team, Water supply system design team, sugar plant design team and cement plant design team.

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