Invitation to BID For Crusher Systems

Mesfin Industrial Engineering PLC (MIE) wants to buy Jaw crushing crusher system s. Therefore, it invites sealed tenders/bids from reputed and reliable manufacturers or through their Authorized agents for manufacture, supply, FOB delivery, testing and commissioning of jaw crusher as per the Technical requirements enclosed at Part-B of the bid document. For more information, please, refer to the link below.

Invitation to BID

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MIE and Fives Cail KCP Sign an Agreement

MIE signs an agreement with Fives Cail KCP for the supply /purchase of boiling house equipment for the newly constructed sugar factories.

The agreement was signed on Tahisas 13, 2005 E.C. in MIE training hall. Ato Habte Hadush MIE General manager and on behalf of Fives Cail KCP Mr. Pranish signed the agreement .According to the agreement , Fives Cail KCP supplies falling film evaporator ,batch

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Boiling House Equipment Fabrication for Sugar Factories Said to be on good Acceleration

Boiling house equipment fabrication for the three newly constructed sugar factories are going on in a very well organized, planned and on the desired speed.

It was disclosed during an exclusive interview conducted with Dr. Tesfahuney Bezabih DGM Plants on the first week of Hidar 2005 E.C.

Dr. Tesfahuney Bezabih was quoted as saying that the Boiling house equipment fabrications are going on in a well organized .planned and on the desired speed. All the activities are carried out according to the plan. All the necessary inputs like machineries ,capacity building trainings

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A Delegation from AA city Administration Visits MIE

A delegation comprised of 15 members led by H.E Kuma Demekisa A.A city administration mayor paid experience sharing visit in MIE.

Ato Habte Hadush General Manager of MIE, with other management members, welcomes the delegation. After that the delegation has visited different workshops of the company. During the visiting Ato Habte said that previously MIE has been working hand -in -glove with SME. He also said that MIE will be fully engaged in the 5 years GTP projects, and MIE will outsource some fabrications to SME.

The objective of the visiting was to share the best experiences of SME activities in Mekelle and MIE and then scale it up in other cities or towns. .

MIE Exhibits Products and Service


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